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The Loud House (Normal Picture)
A regular picture featuring characters from the Loud House. Any character that is from the Loud House is allowed but will not accept it if it doesn't have any of the characters featured in it. One panel comics are also accepted here.
The Loud House (Comics)
Comics featuring characters from the Loud House. The comics must be two panels or more and also must have a character from the Loud House be in it.
Colored Piece
A colored picture that can either be traditional or digital. 
A comic of any page number and can be colored or not and can either be a traditional piece or digital. Single panel comics don't count and go towards regular commissions.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to the page of Jboy32X. I am an artist as well as a fan of cartoons and animation which is usually the source of where I get my ideas to do drawings of as well as video games too. I mostly tend to do work for myself but I am also open to doing art for other people too as I like to often do other people's ideas to challenge myself as well as to do it for them too to make them happy. It is something that I think is a great way to express ideas for both people. I'm also very friendly with others so don't be shy about talking to me and I also appreciate feedback so feel free to comment or favorite any of my art if you like it. Also if you want to request an art piece or commission one, just let me know because I am open with doing it.

I do fetish art but I have a separate account for it. You can find it here. :iconjfetishstuff:


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Great Friends (People who regularly look at my work and are always friendly to talk with as well)

:icondandyandy1989: :iconfiremaster92: :iconmegad3: :iconmegamoviemonday:

Good Friends (People who frequently look at my work and once in a while talk with also)

:iconalexander-lr: :iconartistpearl: :iconnerdsman567:

Frequent Commentators (People who regularly leave a chat on my work)

Inspirational Users (People I usually get inspiration from when I look at their artwork)

:iconsb99stuff: :iconnerdsman567:

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If anyone has ideas for a drawpile or a sketchdump, let me know as I'm open to various sources. You can only suggest one or two sources at least however.
Fry Cook D.VA
D.VA is an expert fry cook.


Overwatch © Blizzard Entertainment

Art by :iconjboy32x: 
Mother's Day Sketchdump
A bunch of moms that I drew for Mother's Day. Individual versions of them will be posted soon.


The Loud House © Nickelodeon

The Amazing World of Gumball 
© Cartoon Network

The Simpsons 
© Fox

© Nintendo and Game Freak

© Blizzard Entertainment 

Art by :iconjboy32x: 
So I got tagged by :iconmegad3: so now I gotta answer his questions.

Rules: Write 13 things about yourself.
Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
Tag 13 Deviants, please make sure their tagged.
Don't say "Your tagged if you read this". 
Its forbidden not to tag anyone and yes tag backs are allowed.


1.) Got a middle name?
    A.) Wallace.
2.) Favorite comic books from the 80s?
    A.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
3.) Favorite superhero cartoons from the 90s?
    A.) Batman the Animated Series.
4.) What was your first drawing?
    A.) Don't remember but maybe something Sonic related because that was something that I was into a lot.
5.) What show would you like to crossover with Spider-Man?
    A.) Any other Marvel property or anything on Disney XD.
6.) What is your favorite episode in The Loud House?
    A.) Suite & Sour.
7.) Any future plans?
    A.) Start an art business or studio.
8.) Favorite Youtube video?
    A.) Anything from Cinemassacre, Nostalgia Critic, or Game Grumps
9.) Any state or country you want to go?
    A.) France or Italy.
10.) Favorite Non Marvel or Dc Comics?
    A.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Archie Sonic Comics.
11.) Speak any language?
    A.) English and a little Spanish.
12.) Favorite Antivillian?
    A.) Karai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
13.) What are the worst shows episodes you watch?
    A.) Any SpongeBob episode from season 5 onwards.

My Questions

1.) Why did you join DeviantArt?
2.) What is your main inspiration?
3.) Do you prefer drawing or writing?
4.) What is something you like doing besides DeviantArt?
5.) What is your favorite film franchise?
6.) What is your favorite video game or video game franchise?
7.) What is your favorite TV show?
8.) Do you have a crush on a fictional character and if so who?
9.) What is your favorite place to go to for vacation?
10.) What is your least favorite film, video game, or TV show?
11.) What is something that you will never draw or write even if someone asked you for it?
12.) What is something that you find very underrated and more people should go take a look at it?
13.) Do you like when you get followers?


  • Listening to: Game Soundtracks
  • Reading: Books
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Overwatch, Pokemon Sun


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Helixdude Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Howdy Jboy, hate to pester you but did you get my commission?
Jboy32x Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I did. Just accepted it.
Helixdude Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really, thanks!
Child-Of-The-Light Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Jboy. How are you?
Jboy32x Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Child-Of-The-Light Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Remember that 25 point commission I made in the past with you? I am just going to say that it's been 10 months since then. I apologize and there's no easy way for me to say this, but I want to cancel the commission and receive a refund. I don't even have an interest in Loud House anymore anyway. I didn't want it to come down to this, but I just don't want the commission no matter how you look at it. I hope you understand.
Jboy32x Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's fine as I've lost track on it and gotten really busy with both other commissions, personal projects, and outside work. I'm fine with giving back whatever it is I owe you.
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sa6044 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Artist
When will you do more loud swaps?
Jboy32x Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll get to them when I get an idea for them.
War-Wizard666 Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
Remember me? 
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